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Tuscan Window Treatments

For many, Tuscany holds a special place in their hearts. Whether they traveled there themselves or have become caught up in the romanticism that swirls around the region, the food and the look of this region is imitated the world over. It’s no surprise that many people have become to add decorations to their home that borrow from the quaint and simple style of this region. For many this means Tuscan window treatments. Though, the country feel of Tuscan decorations may appear simple, treatments from this region are actually quite stylized and have immense variety within their basic look. For this reason, specialty versions from Tuscany are highly sought out.

Regardless of the particular model you purchase, all of these products have basically the same look. They are thin white fabric treatments, which hang in long rectangles over the surface of a window. They are intended to be constantly hanging and they soften and disperse light from the sun as it enters the home, creating a warm glow throughout a room. Though they were once done by hand, many companies now produce these products using machines so they are readily available even outside of Tuscany.

The most common style, and well liked, among these products is the Renaissance cutwork style. These particular models have cut outs of drawings and other ornate designs in the original fabric. They are pleasant to look at and they provide a little more light to shine through. Other models have stylized embroidery or they have knitted edges around the treatment to give it an even more stylish look.

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