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Arched Window Treatments

Arched window treatments are a necessary part of completing the interior design for many different homes that have arched windows above large main windows in the home. This type of window may be small, but it adds a fair bit of style to the interior and exterior look of a home. Unfortunately, many people neglect adding treatments to this part of the home because it is such a small window. However, doing so will stand out amongst all the other treated windows and is a missed opportunity to add more color and greater light control to the home. Luckily, homeowners have a few different options that can be combined with different types of main window treatments for the greatest flexibility in style and function.

The most common treatment is to simply have drape treatments that hang from the top of the arch window all the way down to the base of the main windows. This is a very easy choice and works just like any other drape would. Special treatments are needed to do this however since the curve of the arch will not be fitted by a square drape nor will these hang correctly. These products, just like standard drapes, come in all sorts of sizes and are readily available alongside any other treatment package.

Unfortunately, not all arched windows are directly connected to their main window. Instead, many models have a large wall space between their arched window and the main window. For these situations, there are a couple different options. Small drapes can be fitted for these windows that match with the main drapes. Additionally, shutters can be installed that fit into the already existing window frame. The wood of shutters matches well with many drapes or blinds.

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